Our Role

Elder Care Connections of Vermont, virtual family members who bring you peace of mind. We provide the following services:


1. Comprehensive Assessments

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your loved one’s present living situation.  We sit down with and interview all relevant family members to discuss areas of concern.  We use telephone interviews for all relevant out of town family members. From there, we develop a comprehensive care plan for your loved one(s) providing a clear idea of the range of needed support, helping you to budget for services.  We address all areas of well-being including:

  • safety
  • medical issues
  • health insurance
  • finances
  • legal issues
  • nutrition
  • cognition – memory and thinking skills
  • psychosocial concerns
  • in-home care
  • companionship
  • house cleaning
  • home maintenance
  • transportation options
  • housing choices

2. Ongoing Care Coordination and Support

We match the best available services and tailor them to your specific needs.  We can arrange for and oversee all needed medical and professional services available to you.  We communicate with and keep all relevant family members up to date by phone, email or Skype.  We are strong advocates for our clients and are there when you need us. We continuously strive to improve well-being, quality of life, independence and safety.

3. Medicaid Applications

Medicaid is one way to get help to pay for home health care or long term care.  Whether it’s care provided at home (Community Medicaid) or Long Term Care (Nursing Home) Medicaid, we can help. You can find more about Chelsea Senior Living here. The Medicaid application process can feel overwhelming and time-consuming. We help simplify the process, lower your stress with clear information, and get the job done right. Our care managers have over 15 years experience completing Medicaid applications. We know the process and will help you see it through to completion.