I Remember You® bracelets

Even though you may no longer remember me,

I Remember You®

These bracelets were created to honor the bond between us and the people we love who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease.  They remind us of the truth that love never ends.

Help us raise awareness to find a cure for  Alzheimer’s. Join us, Elder Care Connections of Vermont, in purchasing and spreading the word about                    I Remember You® bracelets.  These bracelets symbolize unity and support for the millions of us experiencing the impact of this disease every day.

  • These handcrafted, Vermont-made leather bracelets are the inspiration of my daughter Meg, in honor of her grandmother Ann, who lived with Alzheimer’s disease for 11 years.
  • By popular demand, we now offer five different types of I Remember You® bracelets.
  •  All five bracelet styles have the words, “I Remember You” in raised letters and they snap closed.
  •  The size is adjustable.  Bracelet length is 8 1/2 inches. Please specify if you’d prefer an extra-long bracelet of 9 inches.
  • See our new website:      iremember-you.com for more products

Eggplant-Purple Bracelet – $15 each

Two-Tone Bright Purple Bracelet – $15 each

Bright Purple Bracelet – $15 each

Brown Leather Bracelet, Lighter Letters – $15 each


Brown Leather Bracelet, Darker Letters – $15 each


Facts about Alzheimer’s disease:

  • An estimated 5.4 million people in the U.S. are living with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Someone develops the disease every 69 seconds.
  • It is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • It is the only cause of death in the top 10 without a way to prevent, cure or even slow its progression.
  • Unless something is done, as many as 16 million Americans will have Alzheimer’s in 2050 and someone will develop the disease every 33 seconds.
  • In 2010, 14.9 million family members and friends provided 17 billion hours of unpaid care to those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias – care valued at $202.6 billion.

12 comments “I Remember You® bracelets”

The bracelets are such a nice tribute and the design stands out even more than on the website

Thank you Jenn. I’m so glad you like your bracelet!

I have received so many positive comments about the I remember you bracelet that I wear!

Thanks for the feedback, Laura! This is terrific to hear!

Wow – I ordered this on Tuesday morning and I received it in my mail the next day! Now that’s service. Thanks you guys the bracelet is awesome and this is such a nice fundraiser.

So happy you like the bracelet and our speedy service Susan! We want to do all we can to help bring an end to Alzheimer’s!

Hey, If you want any help with anything with bracelets let me know!! What a great article in SB Other paper. I
am really looking forward to getting the bracelet bought one for my co-worker who lost her dad to Alzeimers!!

Thanks for your support Brenda! I will take you up on your offer!

We met you ladies at the World Trade Center in Boston and bought five bracelets. They are beautifully handcrafted and what they symbolize and support for Alzheimer’s is very powerful! “Even though you may no longer remember me. I Remember You.” TM

Kelly – it was so wonderful to meet you at the Seniors and Boomers Expo in Boston! Thank you so much for your support!

I am interested in getting some kind of jewelry for remembrance of my father. He is still alive but suffering with alzhiemers. Do any of the proceeds go to help fight the disease

Indeed they do! Thank you for asking. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your father and all of your family.

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