1. What does Elder Care Connections of Vermont do exactly?

We are care managers who have specific training and experience enabling us to assess seniors’ needs and create and manage a specialized plan of care to meet those needs. We help seniors and their families better understand the specific resources and services available to them. One of the aspects we most often help people with is selecting the right senior care facility for them, like the one at https://chelseaseniorliving.com/locations/new-jersey/monroe-township/. With so many options people don’t exactly know where to start or what to look for. In recognizing that this is a major life decision, we take up the task of assisting others with this ourselves. We recognize that each senior’s needs are unique. We work to provide clear recommendations to maximize the safety, independence and overall quality of life for each senior and provide peace of mind to their family.

Our goal is to help our clients age well. If this is something you would like us to help you with you can click here to continue. We offer knowledge, experience and support. We advocate for our clients as if they were our own family members. We are virtual family members and we are here to help.

If you have questions about how to create an optimal plan of care for yourself as you age or need help planning for a loved one as they age- we have the answers you need. If you know you need help but are not sure what your options are, we are here to provide answers and offer guidance and support. You are not alone.

2.  What is the best way to contact Elder Care Connections of Vermont with questions?

The best way to contact us with questions is by phone or by email.  For immediate help, call 802-999-9172 or 802-324-6562 or email Elder Care Connections of Vermont at annemarie@eldercarevt.com or nancy@eldercarevt.com

3. What are your rates?

Many long term care insurance policies cover our services.  Call us and we can discuss your options!

4. What are your services?

We offer an initial 15-minute complimentary phone consultation to discuss concerns. After that, we can work with you in the following ways:

1) We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your loved one’s present living situation.  We’ll sit down with and interview all relevant family members to discuss areas of concern. We will use telephone interviews for all relevant out of town family members. From there we will develop a comprehensive care plan for your loved one(s) providing a clear idea of the range of needed support, helping you to budget for services. We will address all areas of well-being including:

  • safety
  • medical issues
  • health insurance
  • finances
  • legal issues
  • nutrition
  • cognition – memory and thinking skills
  • psychosocial concerns
  • senior home care services
  • companionship
  • house cleaning
  • home maintenance
  • transportation options
  • housing choices

2) We will take your individualized assessment and help you implement as many recommendations as desired.  We will match available services to your needs. We can arrange for and oversee all needed medical and professional services available to you. We will communicate with and keep all relevant family members up to date by phone, email or Skype. We continuously strive to improve well-being, quality of life, independence and safety.

We are flexible and strive to accommodate individual family situations. We are here to help.

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